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Fujitsu Cisco Retail Solutions and Services Partnership

What is the retail business situation like today? Rapid change, intense competition, pressure on operating expenses, and constantly changing customer preferences and shopping behaviors are just a few of the challenges retailers face.

Within the IT space, rapid change is accelerating. According to IDC, 90% of enterprise strategies include digital transformation in 2016. A year from now 80% of enterprise IT organizations will commit to hybrid cloud architectures that will drive the pace of transformation even faster. Moving faster and broader through the next two years will be critical to the success and even survival of many retail businesses.

That’s why Fujitsu and Cisco are expanding our more than 15 year partnership to deliver a consolidated solution and services offering to Retailers in North America. Now, you can source, stage, install and support your Cisco in-store infrastructure through one provider – Fujitsu!

Our new partnership can benefit retailers in many ways:




Rationalize and reduce the number of different providers for new store installs, upgrades and new technology rollouts.


Fujitsu is a Cisco Certified Gold Partner which requires ongoing education, updates and certifications on Cisco solutions, strategy awareness and technology roadmaps. Fujitsu is then constantly ready to supply and deliver Cisco’s latest solutions and coordinated services to retailers whenever and wherever needed


Fujitsu’s procurement, staging operation (Memphis), service desks, professional services, project management, field services and support operations have decades of experience in customizing technology and infrastructure delivery solutions to meet each retailer’s unique needs and expectation locally, regionally and even globally.


By combining Cisco solution procurement, staging, deployment and support into a single program, Fujitsu can reduce you program cost by combining and optimizing procurement, staging, logistics, services and support.

Fujitsu understands the rapid pace of digital transformation and what that means for retail stores. New network switching, routing, LAN/WLAN/WAN, compute and storage capabilities will be critical components in the transformation of today’s store from “a place of transacting” into tomorrow store “a place of experience”. Cost, scalability, performance and reliability extend not only to the Cisco technology solutions available but also to the service and support to keep those solutions in prime condition and operating.

What Fujitsu can provide:

  • A single source to procure and manage Cisco orders. Through our Cisco Gold Partner certification, Fujitsu earns the deepest discount rates available from Cisco. Through both volume and solution specific incentives, Fujitsu can deliver even deeper discounts to retailers.
  • Staging and consolidation services. Based in Memphis, TN the shipping hub of North America, Fujitsu can aggregate, configure and make ready complete store install, upgrade or conversion technology packages. Equipment can be preloaded, tested and verified ready for installation reducing on-site time for installation teams.
  • Professional Services. Fujitsu has decades of experience providing retailers with turn-key services to complete store technology installation projects on time, on budget and consistently.
  • 1800 field engineers across North America. Fujitsu trains and certifies teams specifically on the installation and support of Cisco technology including WLAN/LAN/WAN, Routing, Switching and Computing solutions. We have a large internal corps of CCENT, CCNA and even CCIE specialists who deliver our services to retailers.
  • Service Desk and Support. Located on our North American campus in Richardson, TX, Fujitsu Service Desk and Senior Engineers support customers and our field engineers whenever necessary. Our training lab houses the latest and most common Cisco retail store solutions where we train, and update our support teams, design customer solutions and troubleshoot complex issues.
  • Warranty and on-going managed services support. Fujitsu can source Cisco warranty, provide warranty administration and support (both in and out of warranty) in many configurations to meet each retailer’s needs. Whether its in-store support (Break/Fix/replace, IMAC, upgrades), advance exchange, or other depot services Fujitsu can deliver customized services through an array of support options an programs.
  • Options. Even if Cisco is only a part of your store infrastructure, Fujitsu can provide combined services and support regardless of the OEM. We are trained and certified to support a wide range of solutions that are common in retail stores. Adding Cisco to our portfolio of services provides retailers with a cost advantage opportunity to consolidate sourcing and delivery of store infrastructure now and in the future.
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Fujitsu TP8 All-In-One Series

Fujitsu TP8 All-In-One Series

The new Fujitsu TP8 All-In-One (AIO) is a state-of-the-art point-of-sale solution for retailers who require flexibility, advanced performance, serviceability, reliability and maximum ROI to create a world-class shopping environment.

The compact and stylish design of the TP8 AIO has modern aesthetics that easily blend with a range of retail environments - from fashionable and sophisticated to extremely rugged. Retailers can appreciate the flexibility of a single product platform that supports multiple in-store touch points, which can reduce installation and service costs, as well as provide fast, easy customer transactions for the ultimate interactive retail shopping experience.

Download the Fujitsu TP8 All-In-One Series factsheet here

Fujitsu Impulse™

Fujitsu Impulse™

Self-service checkout is now a consumer expectation in most retail environments. U-Scan has had a leading role in the evolution and innovation of Self-Checkout for more than 20 years and counting.  After developing such revolutionary solutions as the Genesis II and Mini-SCO, it only seemed fit to take the Fujitsu Retail product line to the next level.

Introducing the Fujitsu Impulse™, our smallest self-checkout to date, takes the pressure off attendants by picking up the slack when queues are growing.  What separates this automated assistant apart from the rest is that this is the first self-checkout system designed with several verticals in mind.  The Fujitsu Impulse™ can be utilized in the grocery store, the hardware/utility store, and for the first time, the convenience store. 

The Fujitsu Impulse™ is easy to use, easy to manage, designed to maximize merchandising, increase advertisement space, and promote your brand presence in your retail environment.

Download the Fujitsu Impulse™ factsheet here

Fujitsu Fresco™ for Grocery

Fujitsu presents the Fujitsu Fresco™ POS solution: our full-featured, customizable POS and cash management product. The Fujitsu Fresco™ POS solution builds upon its traditional POS heritage to deliver a seamlessly-integrated solution geared specifically to grocery, but also ready to address food service, pharmacy, cosmetics, clothing, and other areas within your stores and entire enterprise - the list is endless.

Unlike the Fujitsu Fresco™ POS solution, many traditional point-of-sale (POS) systems are unable to integrate as easily or as seamlessly into a single, cost-effective store solution. The Fujitsu Fresco™ POS solution delivers a complete integrated product, and is also able to draw on the potential benefits of the new technologies that are constantly entering the market, without the usual limitations.

The Fujitsu Fresco™ POS solution features out-of-the box native support for U-Scan self-checkout, Cashbox, Retail Wearables, and the Fujitsu Hospitality Management Suite (HMS) solution.


Stand Out 

Because you want to go your own way and stand out from your competitors…

The Fujitsu Fresco™ POS solution allows you as a retailer to differentiate yourself from the competition by building in your own value-added functionality. You can leverage multiple interfaces for various touchpoints, mix and match regular POS lanes with self-checkout lanes and food ordering stations, and remotely manage them. The Fujitsu Fresco™ POS solution features an advanced GUI that can help you improve service to your customers.


Save Time
Time is money, and time spent lost in complex screens and menus means sales are not ringing up as fast!

Usability is the key factor that drove us to create the Fujitsu Fresco™ solution’s intuitive GUI and interactive help that reduces training times by offering fewer screens to navigate, so associates can get up to speed quickly. Minimized touchpoints keep associates focused on serving customers, for a faster checkout experience with fewer errors. New Retail Wearable technologies connect associates with supervisors to easily alert managers so they can to jump in to help when necessary.

Sell Anywhere
Let your customers buy anything, anywhere, and at any time…

You can choose full service or self-service for customer checkout, as well as omni-channel functionality that allows in-store customers to buy items that aren't physically available in the store. Let your customers buy anything, anywhere, and at any time; even let them combine orders and purchases into a single transaction.

Lower Costs
Why pay for add-ons when you can get it all in one package?

You can choose your hardware platform, and even leverage your current hardware solution, since the Fujitsu Fresco™ POS solution leverages the Microsoft® platform. Fujitsu Fresco™ POS for grocery is the only POS that comes out-of-the-box with Native support for U-Scan® self-checkout, Fujitsu Cashbox, Retail Wearables, and the Fujitsu Hospitality Management System (HMS) solution. Fujitsu designed and extended the GUI and business rules libraries to give more flexibility to store operations personnel when they are defining new POS-based business processes and integrating with other solutions.
As a result, you can increase throughput at the checkout while lowering the cost of servicing customers. In addition, simpler workflow translates directly to lower training costs.

Be Free
Retailers, you want to enhance your existing applications and be able to choose your own new systems…

You are never locked into purchasing applications from a particular vendor. You can implement the Fujitsu Fresco™ POS solution with your current enterprise solutions or solutions you may discover in the future, or optionally leverage the Fujitsu Fresco™ POS solution’s complementary enterprise products: StoreCENTERTM; CustomerCENTERTM; and ReturnCENTERTM.

Take Control
Stay off the phone – Integro will come to the rescue before you even realize you need help...

Up-time is vital in the supermarket. The Fujitsu IntegroTM Lifecycle Management tool tracks your field assets and eliminates outbound support calls by detecting POS and self-checkout terminal hardware issues and raising tickets automatically with the support center. Associates will get help automatically; instead of waiting on hold for help, they can request a callback at the press of a button.

Count On Fujitsu
Need services and solutions to support you throughout your store and enterprise? We’re there for you!

Our retail software solutions, based on U-Scan self-checkout software and Fujitsu TeamPOS POS hardware, are installed in supermarkets worldwide. Fujitsu provides professional and managed services that can deliver end-to-end support wherever you do business. Fujitsu’s reach also extends beyond the store, to provide solutions ranging from tablets to servers and storage devices, as well as consulting and implementation services for enterprise requirements. Software, Hardware, and Services options from one global vendor allow Fujitsu to become an extension of your business, not just a software, hardware, or services vendor.

Download the Fujitsu Fresco™ POS for Grocery Fact Sheet (475 KB)

The Fujitsu Fresco™ POS solution, while designed for high volume, large transaction supermarket throughput, provides Internet connectivity, real-time integration, and is easy to install, configure, and use. Its highly flexible architecture makes it extremely easy to customize, maintain, and modify quickly to meet ever-changing business and customer requirements. With the Fujitsu Fresco™ POS solution, retailers can increase their associates’ productivity while at the same time improving their customers’ shopping experience and fostering loyalty.

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U-Scan 6.0

Fujitsu Impulse support

U-Scan has added support for the new Fujitsu Impulse product. The Fujitsu Impulse is a self-service unit designed expressly for the convenience environment.  Its small size allows it to fit snugly into the convenience environment, leaving as much room as possible for merchandise.

The U-Scan multimedia has been updated to be able to depict this product in the screen animations. Several mounting options permit flexible store placement of the Impulse, and additional mounting options are in development.

Fujitsu Fresco POS support

U-Scan supports integration with the Fujitsu Fresco POS solution. Retailers can now benefit from a reliable end-to-end retail solution whose components have been proven time and again on thousands of standard- and self-checkout stations around the world.

Friendly Checkout

Fujitsu is making self-checkout friendlier through the addition of the following features:

Themes - to personalize the shopping experience, retailers can implement optional themes on the
U-Scan Start, Thank You, and Closed screens. A theme is a collection of design-related elements that work in harmony to promote a theme such as a season, a holiday period, or special events and promotions. Fujitsu has created a collection of preset themes tailored to specific occasions, including Spring, Summer, Winter, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. Retailers can also use the tools we provide to create their own customized themes that will meet their specific needs. 


Customer Personalization - the main U-Scan purchasing screen contains a slider tab control located at the bottom of the screen that will allow shoppers to set preferences for default language, bagging options, and volume control that will be tied to their loyalty account.


Donate -  allow your customers to make a charitable donation while they’re making their self-checkout payment.


Swipe to Scroll – this usability feature brings the familiar ‘swipe to scroll’ action from the realm of smartphones into the self-checkout space. If more items are purchased than can be displayed in the virtual receipt, or when more categories of non-barcoded items exist than can be displayed on a single screen, the customer can touch and swipe down in this panel to reveal the items that don’t fit.


Intervention Reduction

Fujitsu SCO is evolving to meet customer needs in this version of U-Scan by employing several strategies to reduce the number of unnecessary interventions. Fujitsu is implementing a long-term intervention reduction strategy, but in this release we have taken the following first step.

Simply enabling the existing “Remove Bags” feature in conjunction with applying a recent Shekel bag scale firmware upgrade can reduce weight security interventions by up to 40%.

Retail Wearable – our retail wearable solution represents a lower cost, more efficient way to manage customers on the go. Integrated with U-Scan and Fujitsu Fresco, our wearable devices keep associates’ hands free to prepare food or do other tasks while monitoring checkouts. This new generation of smaller wearable devices, adapted by Fujitsu for retail use, makes it easy to keep your staff in touch with management and with customers who need help.


Additional enhancements

More enhancements have been added to this release, to improve installation, security policies, order flow when the customer has their own bags or if the Customer Station printer goes offline. Weight security is made more flexible by the ability to set weight security thresholds for entire categories and subcategories of items rather than solely for individual items.



Retail Wearable - our retail wearable solution represents a lower cost, more efficient way to manage customers on the go. Integrated with U-Scan and Fujitsu Fresco, our wearable devices keep associates’ hands free to prepare food or do other tasks while monitoring checkouts. This new generation of smaller wearable devices, adapted by Fujitsu for retail use, makes it easy to keep your staff in touch with management and with customers who need help.

Mobile Attendant - utilizing a wireless handheld Mobile Attendant device, one associate can support up to six U-Scan lanes without the need for an Attendant Station.

Attendant Station –  attendants can monitor the system from a work area called the Attendant Station. When customers require assistance, the attendant can deal with the issues using the touchscreen monitor, POS keyboard, or hand scanner located  at the Attendant Station.