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Add value with FUJITSU Market Place – our single, omni-channel PoS application.

FUJITSU Retail Solution Market Place is a revolutionary Point of Service application that increases retailer revenues by improving both customer service and enterprise efficiency in an omni-channel world.

Built on innovative modular and service-oriented application architecture, it future-proofs retail IT investment and reduces the complexity and cost of technology deployment.

Backed by Fujitsu’s retail heritage, global scope and enterprise-integrated solutions and services, FUJITSU Market Place is the ideal solution for regional, national and international retailers

Omni-Channel Retailing with Mobile

FUJITSU Market Place Mobile offers an extension to our revolutionary omni-channel Point of Service solution - FUJITSU Market Place. Like Market Place, Market Place Mobile is designed to make omni-channel retailing convenient for shoppers and fast and easy for store associates. 

Given that over half of all transactions are forecasted to complete via mobile PoS it’s very important that today’s mobile solutions address those challenges effectively and provide usability and functionality which is relevant, accurate and resilient.


  • Offline Functionality
  • Enhanced Touch Optimizations
  • Connectivity
  • Platform & Application Support
Your benefits

For shoppers

FUJITSU Market Place offers a personal, seamless and cross-channel shopping experience. Your customers can now search for the items they want, check availability, confirm the purchase online and collect in your store – all from a single system.

For retailer COOs

FUJITSU Market Place provides a single view of your customers and will turn your IT department into a new profit center. With real-time visibility and order fulfillment, FUJITSU Market Place generates happier customers, ‘saves the sale’ and increases revenues by making the whole process more convenient. Stores and digital channels are directly linked so that the retail journey becomes effortless for customers and staff alike.

For retailer CIOs

FUJITSU Market Place is a standardized five-layer architecture to simplify and speed up integration with existing systems. However, its modular design makes it easy to customize and upgrade over time, future-proofing your organization against market change. With multiple deployment options, FUJITSU Market Place can be introduced in months, not years – bringing down costs and guaranteeing a swift return on investment.

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