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Retail Mobile Solutions

Improve the way your store operates with Fujitsu Market Place Mobile and our Mobile Managed Service – a suite of mobile solutions to transform your customer journey and empower your workforce.

Now, you can take the point of service to your customer – taking advantage of technology that can influence purchase decisions wherever they are.

Greet your customers personally, speed up transaction times and increase sales – all with Fujitsu Retail Mobile Solutions.

Fujitsu Market Place Mobile is an addition to our innovative omni-channel point of service solution – Fujitsu Market Place. It aims to make omni-channel retailing convenient for shoppers, as well as quick and simple for your workforce. What’s more, it supports offline activity, so that customers can enjoy a seamless experience every time.

Mobile Managed Service allows you to implement your mobile strategy, fully mobilize sensitive business applications and embrace BYOD. Information is available whenever and wherever it is required, while being completely secure. It’s also highly scalable; it meets increasing IT demands as your business grows. What’s more, it comes with 24-7 end-user support.

Retail Tablet STYLISTIC V535 is a robust ruggedised tablet – perfect for your workforce. Store associates can be on the move with all the information they require at their fingertips. It allows them to approach your customers as they browse your store, and provide them with a personal service away from the traditional pay-point. Plus, customers can complete the transaction to pay for their goods.

Your benefits

Fujitsu Market Place Mobile

  • Supports offline selling to reduce network dependency
  • Runs on a range of hardware options to reflect your brand
  • Maximises selling opportunities with broad POS capabilities
  • Maximises on-floor time between charges with power efficient applications
  • Integrates optional Bluetooth printer, scanner and cash drawer for maximum freedom
  • Supports gestures for rapid ‘pick up and use’ learning with its intuitive interface

Mobile Managed Service

  • Helps to implement enterprise mobility and best practice
  • Provides device management to secure and provision mobile devices
  • Offers application management
  • Offers data management for complete control and access to mobile data (in use, at rest, and in transit)
  • Connects users securely to services without exposing user credentials
  • Offers complete lifecycle management

STYLISTIC V535 Retail Tablet

  • Robust to withstand real-world retail environments with additional protection available
  • Drop resistant, dust tight, water resistant, disinfectable, Gorilla® glass, extended temperature range
  • Operates using Windows to run the same applications as Point of Service and other store functions
  • Flexible input via touch (incl. gloves) or pen
  • High connectivity based on latest standards
  • Highly customizable with accessories
  • Compatible with third-party payment entry devices from leading vendors

Is the future all about dynamic pricing within the store?

Date Friday, 30.June 2017
Author Paul Burel

Dynamic pricing has become a normal part of our everyday lives – and we’ve hardly noticed it. Sure, when you pass by a petrol station and see that the price has gone up or down a tiny bit, you could link that to the fluctuating price of oil on global markets, but you don’t expect […]

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Digitalization meets Fashion

Date Tuesday, 27.June 2017
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What does fashion have to do with digitalization and how is Fujitsu involved in that business? Fujitsu RunMyProcess is the answer. At Panorama Berlin, July 4 – 6 2017, you can experience how Fujitsu is about to conquer new business areas in the digital world. Panorama Berlin is one of the most important trade shows […]

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Don’t fight Amazon direct – go guerrilla or die?

Date Friday, 23.June 2017
Author Jat Sahi

The recently announced purchase by Amazon of Whole Foods shows clearly the intent and ability to mount a challenge in almost any aspect of retail. However, many retailers still struggle to put together a coherent answer to this challenge. Most default to ‘following the market’ and fighting Amazon on its own turf where for many […]

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AI is coming – but human-centric customer service will not go away

Date Monday, 29.May 2017
Author Richard Clarke

Across the three Connected Retail webinars we ran with research specialists, Planet Retail, one theme dominated: what’s the balance between the online and real worlds. How important are bricks-and-mortar stores at a time when online sales are rising almost exponentially? In our last webinar, we spoke about how Amazon has changed the landscape of competition. […]

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Retail Is Fundamentally About People

Date Monday, 19.December 2016
Author Petri Haatainen

“Are we too product focused?” was an intriguing question asked during our Connected Store webinar back in November. You’d think that stores were all about products. That products were what mattered most: where they were sourced, how they were procured, supplied, presented and, ultimately, priced and sold. But the question was a good one because […]

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